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5 Ways to Appear like you ‘Get It’ (even when you’re not sure you do)

Each of us, at one time or another, may feel we have been thrown into the deep end of the pool. I have personally watched many executives over the years use techniques when they were trying to raise capital for a new round of financing or when they were attempting to lead through influence in a new position – and they have confided in me, after the fact, that they were not really sure what to do. What can we do so we at least appear (or sound) like we “get it” and know what to do?

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Are you listening to me?!

Have you ever been talking to someone and felt they were not really listening to you? Perhaps their eyes glaze over, they are constantly checking their Iphone or they are frantically writing something down so they will be prepared to ‘interject’ and interrupt with their own juicy bit of insight or knowledge. To say this is frustrating, and often insulting, is an understatement. As leaders, one of the most important yet least applied skills is the art of listening. What does that ‘art’ look like?

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The Art of Being Inclusive

Whether you are the CEO, a product manager, a team leader, or an individual contributor, I have found the most successful individuals are those that actively and sincerely solicit input, help and ideas from others in their organizations. Now, this is not the proverbial “obligated ask” – I am referring to those individuals that seek out and get additional heads and hands on board with their initiatives.

This takes time, effort, patience and a true desire to BUILD A TEAM from all levels of the organization. Many attempt to do this, perhaps because they have been told they “need to.” However, the leaders who master the art of true inclusiveness will build a network which will become a tremendous asset in their careers if done with purity of intention. A few tips:

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Facing Reality

Our world is facing indisputable and daunting challenges. When we bring these issues home – to our own organizations, teams, and personal scenarios – they become even more real. Our security, on every level – our freedoms, our financial well being, the future for our children, and our own professional directions – stands at risk. Today I talk about how passionate curiosity, battling hardened confidence, team smarts, a simple mindset, and fearlessness play a role in leading change and achieving success.

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Partners Behaving Badly

Last month’s CRN report, which is a periodical which provides technology news and updates for technology providers, had a startling article on how Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) are breaching ethics as a standard operating procedure to win deals in this highly competitive business environment. We have all known of individiuals (and some companies) who endorse and […]

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