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‘All Hat and No Cattle’….does that really matter?!

The answer is – YES – it matters. In spades. I have grown weary (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) of inflated humble brags….and empty suits posturing.  As we say in Texas….where’s the meat? However, it’s not lost on me that sometimes we have to capture someone’s attention, before they are truly exposed […]

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A New Chapter for Alignment™

THANK YOU to so many of you for taking part in my marketing research a few months ago. Your input was very informative and valuable, and I sincerely appreciate the time you took answering my questions. After interviewing and surveying several dozen executives like yourself, and garnering information of what is needed (and desired) from […]

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5 Easy Ways to Stand Out….and they will Surprise You!

Recently, I was watching one of the zillions of online interviews and webinars proliferating our world these days. I was amused at some of the points this self-made successful CEO was sharing. He was positioning them as if they were ‘rocket science’. Yet, actually, every single one of them I can personally point back to […]

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