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4 Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Call

How many of us have ever worked for someone or with someone that when we saw their name on the caller ID we dreaded picking up the phone?! Frankly, I believe most of us have probably been on both ends of the phone at one point of another – the caller AND the person being called. Lets face it: neither position ever feels good. What are a few basic steps we can take proactively to minimize having to make the “dreaded call”?

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Storytelling in Business?

I believe in the power of stories. In fact, as many of you know, my first book is a compilation of stories of the people I have met along my journey who have taught me so much just through living their lives and how they intersected with mine. Each and every one of us haev the opportunity to learn and teach through our lives. It was incredible to read in The New York Times, the perspective of a world-class CEO and his integration of stories into day to day business.

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The Question of Trust

Trust can often been an illusive component in business. We have all been privvy to empty conversations, vapid meetings, and glad-handing all void of true trust in the other person/persons in the room. From what many of my clients share, the pervasiveness of social media and technology in business can help or hinder trust in an organization. So, what can we as leaders do to foster a culture of trust in our organizations and between our teams?

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