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The era of ‘mooching’ and ‘connecting’….what gives?

This week’s podcast definitely addresses ‘a fine line’ in today’s world of networking, connecting, and full transparency through social media and other means. What are the rules of etiquette and professionalism when it comes to sharing, asking for and giving ‘free’ advice, and opening our virtual rolodexes for those in need? This is by definition – A Fine Line – and one for which is there is no pat answer. However, this podcast asks a few questions to hopefully get our juices flowing! Weigh in. I am quite certain there are opinions out there!

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The Easy Button

Recently, one of my clients in a desperate attempt to remedy one of his ‘blind spots’ simply said: “Can you just give me a book to read so that I can get over this?”

How many times do we find ourselves seeking an ‘easy button’ to navigate through gnarly growing pains?! Darn it – if there were only an easy button to help us on our ‘self-improvement’ journey as leaders! Well, there isn’t.

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