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A Provocative Perspective…..on a well-beaten Topic

Recently, I watched one the single most amazing TED talks I have ever seen. Frances Frei, a Harvard Business School professor, tips the traditional perspective of ‘trust’  – as a foundational tenant of leadership – on it’s ear. She is clearly brilliant. Funny. Direct. Unassuming. And her cadence and enunciation held the audience captive until […]

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Alignment – the Ultimate Key to Success

When I formed Alignment, Inc. almost 10 years ago, the word (and concept) of ‘alignment’ were, for the most part, reserved for body shops and chiropractors! Yet, successful leaders and my senior leader/CEO friends LOVED the concept as they said THAT is what distinguishes successful leaders, organizations, cultures, and strategies. Of course, I could not […]

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4 Tips to Touch for Impact

Recently after giving a keynote on my book “Is This Seat Taken?” and the power of the random encounter, a friend told me about a fabulous book which covers a related concept. This book emphasizes that having an effective ‘touchpoint’ is about really connecting, being present – eyeball to eyeball – with another. He summed his perspective of effectively engaging into the ‘4 A’s’.

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