Opening the Kimono – A few observations

So – I’m going to open my proverbial kimono today. I posted these thoughts on one of my social media profiles – and it hit a nerve. So, I am sending this to my followers…..

This photo (at the bottom of this post) was from a LONG time ago – (20 years ago). I am including this because it gives perspective to what I want to share. Here we go.

Let’s get real….to be very vulnerable…the past 5 years have been horrifically challenging for my sister and me.

Many plot twists…real EXPERIENCES. And the HUGE takeaway from it all:

Is that we have the ability to SHIFT OUR MINDSET and CREATE WHAT WE WANT…..despite all the challenges.

The road bumps (or in most cases – the complete detours):

* Daddy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 20 – 5 years ago.
* I was diagnosed with what could have been a terminal illness, underwent chemotherapy, and beat the odds, that same year.
* Dad’s identical twin passed away a year later.
* A tornado destroyed our family lake home, that same year.
* Less than 1.5 years after daddy, Momma passed on March 4.
* Many family responsibilities subsequently tore into life as I knew it – and I30 was my new weekly commute.
* Lulu lost the ability to walk and I had the heart-wrenching decision to give her the gift of transition.
* The pandemic happened and ransacked the speaking and facilitation business – torpedoing one segment of my business.
* Not to mention the tens of losses of friends due to Covid and other situations.

Yes. This. Is. Life.

This is real: life is ALWAYS full of PLOT TWISTS and ROAD BUMPS. ALWAYS.

Yet, here is the ‘Half Full’ plot twist:

* I have enriched deep friendships with many of my momma and daddy’s dear friends.
* I have two new ‘sisters from another mister’ in our Mom’s beloved caregivers …forever a part of our family.
* My business mastered a new way of delivering services, clients LOVE it and 2 new ONLINE Courses were developed and were met with great acclaim.
* We have had the blessing of rebuilding the lakehouse and enjoy it immensely.
* I was able to be home with Lulu throughout the pandemic – which was a blessing to both of us – and despite the void, I still feel – I am grateful for that time.
* One of my businesses grew over 80% through the pandemic  – and continues to thrive.

So, here’s what I have learned (and my momma is smiling – as she taught me this):

* EVERYTHING that happens to us is to PREPARE us for what is to come (as always, she was right).

* We only control (as my dad taught me) our ABC’s: our attitudes, our behaviors, and our choices…..yet, when we get our mindset right…we can tackle ANYTHING.

* All we have is RIGHT NOW. Love those around you. Laugh often. Share generously (we take nothing with us). Seize the moment.

That is it. So – yes, this youthful photo with a contented smile on my face was NAIVE to what was to come.

Yet….what I know FOR SURE is that WE OWN IT. We have 100% of the responsibility.

Is it easy? Nope. Is it worth it? You better believe it.

This is one of the aspects I focus on in MY life and with my clients. ⁠