Off the Rails Already? 5 Thoughts…..

As we come to the end of the first month of a new year, many of my clients already feel like they’ve ‘gone off the rails’.

I get it.

Last week, I gave a webinar which has received an unusually high number of accolades. I am not sure why this particular message ‘hit the mark’; however, the emails, handwritten notes, and other feedback has been very affirming. So, I wanted to share a few of the high points – in case you are like many of us and need a “B12” to get back on the horse and keep moving forward.

*** Also at the end of this post – there is a link to the magazine in which I was recently featured – and actually placed on the cover, Yes – I am quite honored and humbled. I would love your personal feedback on the article.***

Now, back to a few nuggets which I hope will give you food for thought, as we continue to navigate 2023!

  • Think Big. I do not say those two words in a cavalier way. Sure – it can sound like a cliche. Yet, truthfully, when I am working with clients, I am astounded at how people ‘dim their light’ – for a variety of reasons. Fear of failure. Fear of ‘shining too bright’. Fear of outshining others. The list is as varied as we are. They deliberately choose NOT to think big. Several months ago, I had a ‘re-epiphany’ of life – which had been turned down (or actually turned off) about 5 years ago, when I began to lose members of my family – until all, but 1, had transitioned from this life to the next. I went through a ‘dark night of the soul’  – which put a veil over my life, my business, and my overall direction.  Yes. That. Is. True. I began to work with a chakra healer, among other self-awareness and wellness practitioners and coaches  – and my heart was literally cracked wide open.  And….I gradually got my ‘mojo’ back, my life exploded again. Opportunities revealed themselves. New people entered my life. Positive energy flowed. And ALL this – because I broke the barrier of thinking small…..and LEANED INTO my LIFE. Full Stop. Yes….energy begets energy.

“You have to think Big to be Big.” = Claude Bristol

  • You Own It. Yep – we ‘know’ this intellectually, yet often it is just plain easier to blame it on ‘stuff’ versus taking responsibility. The pandemic. The economy. The government. Believe me – we have ALL been there. Yet, the irony is that WE are the common denominator in our lives. No one else. Just us. Just me. So – despite the hurdles which have presented themselves over the past few years – we have FREE WILL to choose how we will respond. For me, it was me getting out of my own way. Learning not to hold on too tight to those things which no longer serve me – or my life. One salient and personal example: it was hard to celebrate the holidays when all ‘my people’ were no longer present. Though I loved being with my sister (and her beau)  – it was hard. So, this past year I ‘flew the coop’ and went to Brugges, Belgium for two weeks. Solo. Best decision ever. My entire perspective changed. As many of my friends commented: ‘Kristin…you are back!!’. Nothing could be more true. I AM BACK – and it only happened because I took ownership of my next step.

“You must take responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind – but you can change yourself.” = Jim Rohn.

  • Sweat the Small Stuff. (I know….not what the bumper sticker suggests.). Yet – the details matter. Big time. I read a wonderful quotation over the holidays: “Small hinges swing big doors.” Isn’t that great?! (It is from Og Mandino’s book: The Greatest Salesman in the World.)The smallest tweaks can offer the greatest return. Late last summer, I made the decision I needed and wanted to take my health seriously. I had a few pretty serious health scares and that was a wake-up call. So, I began to work out for a mere 30 minutes every single morning. Weights. Cardio, And the transformation in my body – not to mention my mind – have been amazing. People actually NOTICE! Yet – the biggest shift was within me. Literally, by adding an extra 30 minutes of ‘self-care’ post my centering prayer ritual every morning. Small shifts MATTER.

“There is no magic in magic. It’s all in the details.” = Walt Disney

  • Sort your Circle. For those of you who follow me,  know that my parents reared my sister and me to realize that ‘we are the company we keep’. That is one of the most valuable lessons my parents taught us. We need to surround ourselves with people we admire. People who inspire us. People who teach us. People who support us. People who encourage us. If they are sappers – we need to limit our time with them – and foster the ZAPPERS!  The adage that we are the combination of the 5 folks we spend the most time with has some truth to it. So choose wisely.

“Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.” = Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • You cannot fail if you do not quit. I believe this with all my heart. Despite having fallen off the rails with my resolutions, what determines the outcome is that we GET BACK UP.  We are just getting started in 2023 – and I know whatever our goals are – we can achieve them.  Period.

“You cannot fail unless you quit.” = Abraham Lincoln

I love working with my clients to help them embrace these principles – and make them real in their lives and careers. We break them down – and build daily steps to take. And yes – focusing on what you can do TODAY – just for today – WORKS. We cannot ‘boil the ocean’…..yet, we can boil a cup of water, and then another, and then another.

Finally, with much humility and gratitude to you and my clients, an industry publication: Industry Era, featured me on the cover and a 6-page article (in interview style). It was exciting and fulfilling to be recognized.

I welcome your comments – please share them below!