5 Perspectives that Shifted Everything

Last week I delivered a webinar, which I do every month at the request of my clients and followers, and this particular webinar was very well received. So, I decided to share the high level content in this blog. My intention is to shed light on a few thoughts which completely shifted my approach to my business – and frankly, my life. I hope they may benefit you, as well.

  1. Just for today.  This phrase has helped me overcome so many obstacles in my life. Anyone who has exposure to the ’12 Step’ program will appreciate this. Often, if we just take small steps – the insurmountable becomes achievable. When I try to start a new habit (which takes an average of 21 days to cement) – taking it literally one day at a time has been THE secret for me. A few months ago, as many of you may remember, I began a new regime – to become healthy. This meant a new workout discipline, cutting back on alcohol (aka: NONE), eating better, etc. and lo and behold – now I am 25 lbs. lighter and have a new daily routine. I am healthier than I have been in 5 years (since my father passed unexpectedly and I threw myself into grief and adopted terrible habits) – and I feel fabulous. JUST FOR TODAY – what can you adopt in your life and/or business?

2.   Accomplishment builds confidence.  Confidence is simply one of the single most important attributes for anyone wanting to live their highest and ‘best’ life. And often, confidence can be fleeting. Yet, what I have come to learn is that when we reach a goal – of any magnitude – it gives us the boost we need. Referencing the example from my first point, when I began to work out  – I could barely get through the circuits. I had let myself regress into such an unfit state that doing 100 weight bearing squats was daunting. Well, now I can do over 1000 at any one session. How? Once I was able to even do one set of 25  – I got ‘over the hump’ and realized it was a process.  That made all the difference.

3. Action is the motivator. Ok – this is super basic. Yet – very powerful. Just taking the first step – in any forward direction – feeds our energy. When I work with clients, taking that first step is ALWAYS the hardest. Always. Yet, when that first step is taken – we are on our way. A few examples: when a client says they want to accumulate another $1million for their retirement – saving the first $100,000 is always the hardest. When I client wants to be promoted or recognized for their work, sharing their success with those who need to have that visibility – is always the scariest. When we want to lose 30 lbs – the first 10 become the catalyst for the rest. We KNOW this. So just ACT – the rest will follow.

4. It is never ever too late. I wrote a book on this very truth. Often we fall victim thinking ‘our ship will never come in’ or that our best opportunities have passed us by. There is nothing about that which is true. Nothing. As long as we have breath – it is never too late. So – if you have aspirations that have not been fulfilled, DIVE IN. I had a big birthday a few weeks ago (let’s face it, they are all big these days!), and I faced my station in life with open eyes. There are aspects in life which I have not optimized – of this I am certain. So, I sat down and made my ‘list’ of where I am going to focus in this new year.  Sure, I may not reach the pinnacle (whatever and however I describe it) – yet, the journey will be the reward. I know this for sure.

5. Finally, the last perspective that has literally transformed my life is this: Energy begets Energy. What I think about  – what I put out – is unequivocally what I will get back. And no, this is not ‘woo woo’ talk. This is real. This is true. I have written a lot about ‘thoughts becoming things’. In fact, one of my most popular blogs (from 2009) shares one of my mom’s favorite books: As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen.  I was reared on this book (written in 1902) which is based on a verse in Proverbs (Proverbs 23:7). This book is chock full of wisdom. And from my personal experience, when I show up with positivity – fabulous things happen. Opportunities arise. Positive people come into my life. AND….when I am in the dumps, my life is lukewarm – at best. Many of you know that a few years ago, I lost every member of my family (except my sister), our home in Hot Springs was hit and destroyed by a tornado, I was diagnosed with what could have been a terminal illness and had to undergo a very difficult regime of chemotherapy, etc. Net: a lot of challenges hit me. Hard. And as I fell deeper and deeper into the hole, it was HARD to not drown under the weight of it all. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy….UNTIL I took the reins and began to steer my way out of the fog. Easy? No. Vitally important? You better believe it. And the magic elixir was Faith, Hope, and Love. (And yes – I wrote about that, too, in my last book in the trilogy.)

So, as we enter the last few months of 2022, if you are feeling disillusioned, discouraged, defeated….I sincerely hope one (or all) of these perspectives may give you the B12 you need. They have served me well – and they continue to do so through all the road bumps on life’s road. And yes – life will never be all ‘smooth sailing’ – yet we can most certainly adjust our sails.