5 Easy Steps to Catapult the 2nd Half of 2021

It is hard to believe that we are half way through 2021! I know I’m not alone in wanting to SHIFT GEARS and make 2021 the start of a new chapter.  Yet, I also know that many of us had a few ‘fits and starts’ as we came out of the pandemic.

Yet, 2021 STILL has the potential to be the BEST YEAR EVER!! The next 6 months are stretching fabulously in front of us….and like a crisp new journal, we have the ability to sharpen our #2 pencils and get started writing what we want June-December 2021 to look like!

Let’s GO!

Here are my top 5 easy steps to CATAPULT that effort!

  1. Set goals…..yet, they are King.

Yes, this is pretty darn basic; yet, we all know that ‘a dream without a goal is just a wish’. Sure, I set goals as we ended December 2020; and NOW I’m resetting and reframing a few of those goals. Some I’m resetting because I already reached them (YAY!); and some I’m reframing because they no longer fit where I’m heading now. Yet, what is the real secret sauce? Make your goals BITE SIZE. Nothing is more energizing and motivating than to reach MILESTONES as you approach your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). So – if your goal is to lose 40 lbs…..set a bite size weekly goal of losing 2-4 lbs. Or – if your goal is to write a book…..start by writing one page a day. It makes a big difference…..otherwise, let’s face it…..we’re all human and we need B12 shots of encouragement along the way.

2.  Make mornings count.

Many years ago, I got into the habit of making the first 30-45 minutes of the day my most important time of the day. What do I mean? Well…before the hustle and bustle of rushing to catch a 6am flight or bolting to a 7:30am breakfast meeting….I always factored in time BEFORE I ‘entered the world’ to ‘set my mindset’. And yes….that might mean getting up every earlier than normal (arrg)….yet, totally worth it. Everyone’s morning routine is unique to them….so you have to do what is right for you. Yet, here’s a glimpse into my morning ritual. I start every morning – while still in bed – with 30 minutes of prayer and meditation. Then, I set my most important intention for the day  – which I say aloud to myself while I am making coffee. I drink two full liters of Mountain Valley Water (from my hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas) before I put anything else in my body. I read something inspirational (my Bible, a devotional book, or even an article from one of my favorite magazines – Spirituality and Health) as I am having my coffee and breakfast. Then, after I’m dressed and ready to rock the world, I go into my office to ‘meet the work day’. If you’re wondering, no….I don’t workout in the morning (as a rule) during the week….as I really prefer to workout at noon. Yet, honestly, it totally depends on the schedule for the day. So, whatever/however you start your day…..I can say with 100% certainty….starting your day CENTERED and ALIGNED is magic.

3. Get smart on social. 

Yes, social media channels can be a colossal waste of time. AND they can also be liberating, insightful, educational, and HUGE time SAVERS. The key, as with all things, is how we use them. I made this a goal back in 2019 before Covid 19 – and I am so glad I did. I am constantly learning  – as the technology and approaches are constantly changing. Yet, I know for certain that this will continue to be foundational and integral to our lives and business. So, we have to get smart and stay smart on how to use and LEVERAGE to reach our goals.

4. Look the financial tiger in the eye.

Everyone….yes, everyone…has faced unexpected shifts in their financial situation in the past 18+ months. Some folks (think title executives, real estate brokers, etc.) have experienced exponential growth in their income – good for them!! Yet, many others have faced unimaginable set-backs and hardships. Whatever the case, ‘business as usual’ will not suffice. We have to shift directions, increase savings, pay down debt, save some more, earn more, change our ‘go to market’ strategies to meet the new hybrid world, etc. Now is NOT the time to ‘turn a ‘blind eye’. Now is the time to look for new trends, new patterns, new markets, new growth areas…..and financially – we need to GO FOR IT.

5. Sunday evenings are powerful.

My clients know this is a practice I have embraced for at last the past 40 years. (Yes, I am that young.) Every Sunday I carve out time to plan my week – down to the hours and the days of the week. I actually put on my calendar the times I will take my daily walk or yoga class, when I’ll call important clients, do specific items of work, write pages for my new book, etc. I LOVE Sundays – as I can ‘bookend’ my week with the exciting plans I have – starting on Monday morning! There is NOTHING more empowering. And what I know for sure…..what doesn’t make my ‘calendar plan’ almost certainly will not get done.

So….as we start the 2nd half of 2021….let’s make these next 6 months PRODUCTIVE, EXCITING, FULFILLING, and the best we can possible make them!!  Hope these 5 EASY Steps will help YOU to Catapult your 2nd half of 2021!!