Focus – A Disappearing Art

What is it about our lives these days?! We are all running so fast, multi-tasking at every turn…..talking, driving, emailing, texting, cooking dinner, etc. etc.  Yes… I ‘get it’….we have a lot to get done and not enough time to complete it all!

However, most of us have read the numerous articles written about the dangers to our brains by juggling so much at any one time.  Not to mention the serious mistakes people make when trying to do too much….emails being sent to the wrong folks, missed (or messed) opportunities, and giving a sub-par deliverable to a client. So, what is the answer? Well….there is not just one pat answer, nor does one answer fit all.

Yet, here are a few thoughts to help us curb the urge to do multiple things at one time….and in all likelihood doing them in less than an optimal way:

  1. Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, ALIGNED, realistic, time-based). I use the word ALIGNED as our goals need to be tied to our overall mission and vision for whatever we are trying to accomplish. Hold fast to those GOALS and revisit them regularly. I look at my goals every single day and make sure my actions and time are spent ALIGNED to those goals.
  2. THEN, divide the goals into baby steps or tactics. If the goals are too large, we can procrastinate or get discouraged before we reach our ‘end game’. So, by splitting these into smaller goals….we can ‘check the box’ when we achieve that step which can be motivating. We reach out mountains ONE STEP AT A TIME!
  3. Develop ‘tunnel vision’ around the task on which we are working. Yes….that is the hard part. Yet, when we are truly present….we will get finished faster and with higher quality….then we can move forward on other tasks. So turn off Facebook, turn off EMAIL, turn off your phone….when you are FOCUSED on a task. Set the boundary of time on which you will FOCUS on that task….then ‘times up’….THEN take a peek at Facebook or Email or Voice Mail. I have been AMAZED at how much MORE PRODUCTIVE I am when I do this.

As a yoga practitioner (though a novice), I have learned to be fully present when practicing poses. If I am not, I am not able to hold the poses like I want. This has taught me a lot – about life and business. When I FOCUS, I do better work. When I FOCUS, I get better results. When I FOCUS, I get more done. When I FOCUS, I offer the best I can offer at whatever I am doing….writing my book, coaching a client, recording a video, etc.

Bottom line: resist the urge to multi-task for just ONE DAY. Notice the difference. It will ASTOUND you.