All You Need is Love?

A friend of mine recently wrote an interesting and compelling column at revolving around her perspective on the role love plays in business. Those of you who have followed my writings over the years know that I believe 100% in the power of love in life and in the workplace. The strong passion for what we do, how we do it, who we do it with, and for whom we do it is, indeed, the magic. Alignment – in its purest form.

I was thrilled to read that her perspective is completely complimentary to our concept of alignment. Love and passion are the glue that binds a collection of individuals toward their common mission. Yet, as important as this fuel is to the success of any initiative, cause or company’s success, the alignment of the team anchored in common values is the other critical aspect. These values create the culture which is the living, breathing environment in which work gets done, issues solved, and missions accomplished. Without a unified and pervasive culture, it is more difficult to sustain the energy and power necessary to survive and thrive in the world.

So, in answer to Tina Turner’s classic song “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” my friend Wendy and I are in complete agreement and alignment that love has EVERYTHING to do with it!

There are many examples of successful cultures which clearly have the secret sauce to become leaders in their fields. Check out these prior blogs on alignment, culture and, yes, the power of love as you continue to refine your 2012 plans!  nd, if you need another perspective on how to build a strong united team anchored in common values – reach out to us at Alignment, Inc. We would love to contribute with you in 2012!

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