Getting Where You Want to Go

When leaders and executives are trying to achieve the impossible – whether this is raising the final round of funding for a venture backed start-up, publishing their first book, or simply losing those last 25 pounds, there are three things we simply must keep in the forefront of our minds:

  1. Define the dream and make the plan. It is not enough to just ‘want it.’ That goes without saying. Yet, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ need to be defined, communicated and declared. This helps to crystallize it and hold us individually and collectively accountable.
  2. Make a timeline and change course as needed. This is where we can get tripped up. We have to monitor our progress daily/weekly. If we are not seeing the results we need to see, then we must be disciplined and diligent enough to change course. We can’t be married to our plan and approach – we have to be nimble enough to pivot as necessary. This may mean sunk costs – which is not easy – I feel your pain! Yet, sometimes we have to cut the cord, pivot, and MOVE ON.
  3. Focus and stay upbeat. Frankly, as an entrepreneur, I often realize I don’t have what I need when I need it and I simply don’t know what I don’t know. Well, that is always the way it will be. We have to pull ourselves up – and go get it! Advise, expertise, knowledge, money, new clients, new partners, and even time. And, we have to be smart about from whom we take advice – this can bring unforeseen issues if we trust the wrong sources. If we do take a wrong direction – regroup, acknowledge the error, and change course.

A final word, we have to be prepared to sacrifice to get to where we want to go. This may mean life style, people’s rejection, or simply moving out of our comfort zone. Not easy. Yet, we have to determine how badly we want something – if we want it badly enough, we have to risk  to get there. We can accomplish anything  – if we want it badly enough.