Smart Phone Etiquette

This post is being made at the request of those who commented on last week’s entry regarding ‘Being Late – Not an Option.’  Many of you voiced frustration with individuals also lacking etiquette with iPhones, Blackberries, and texting. So, it is very simple:

When you are meeting with someone, whether this is personal or professional, have the respect to turn off your smart phone. Yes, I get it. There are times when incoming deals, calls, and urgent matters take priority. So, simply turn it on vibrate or program your phone so that only when that call or incoming message comes through does it vibrate. AND, also have the manners to excuse yourself when you need to take the call.

Finally, if it is not urgent, there is simply nothing more rude than checking emails and texting when you are having dinner, in a meeting, or even in an interview (yes, that happened to me recently). Treat the other person the way you would want to be treated – IF you were in their shoes.

If you have an opinion – please weigh in!