Impactful Stories

How can we stand out? How can we entice new companies,
organizations, clients, and potential customers to take notice of what
we have to offer? This question is top of mind for many who are
interviewing for new positions internally within their current company,
as well as those looking for opportunity outside their company.

There are many strategies and tactics to consider when creating
desire and demand for you and your services. One approach is to build
compelling stories which represent you and/or what you offer. We have
loved stories since we were children. It is how we learn. Stories make
it real. Stories are easier to remember. And, stories can be used
effectively when marketing yourself, your product, your service, and
ultimately your brand.

Remember, though, stories are only as powerful as they are authentic
and real. They will be probed, tested, and scrutinized. So be sure they
are the real deal.

In Seth Godin’s book, All Marketers Are Liars,
he discusses a story about how Georg Riedel markets his glassware as
making your wine taste better! He positioned that an expensive glass
has more of an impact on the taste of wine than the oak casks it