2011- Day 4

Accountability is key.

Recently, someone commented to me on how helpful it had been to have someone holding them accountable to their goals, their actions, and even their thinking and overall attitudes. Not that he was weak, quite the contrary. This person knew his strengths, which were numerous. He also was fully aware of  his areas for improvement and potential coaching.

Having someone with whom to ‘check in’ on a weekly basis or monthly basis helped him to stay focused and disciplined. And when he reached a benchmark, he received the hard earned ‘atta boy’ which encouraged him to keep plugging. Most of us have experienced this phenomenon growing up – whether this was on a softball team, football team, or even a workout program in our adult life.

As we are nearing the end of the first week of 2011, the novelty and newness of our goals and resolutions may already beginning to grow dim. And in some cases, we may have already fallen off the wagon and want to get back on the right path. A few suggestions:

  • Consider taking someone, a friend, family member, or professional, into your confidence. Share your resolutions. Go public and declare what you are wanting to accomplish this year. Ask this person to hold you accountable and help to celebrate your successes.
  • Hire an executive coach, personal trainer, dietician, or whatever specialist you may need to help you stay disciplined. They can help you stay diligent, offer subject matter expertise, and cheer you on as you fully embrace your intentions.

We are not in this alone. Never have been, never will be. Reach out. Ask for support. Holding hands can form a very strong bond between each other and amazingly helps to strengthen our own persistence, as well.

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