Passion is Fuel

Call me a sucker, yet I have always loved the movie Chariots of Fire, which made its debut (yes, I am dating myself) in 1981. It was a British film that tells the true story about two athletes in the 1924 Olympics, Eric Liddell, a devout Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of God and Harold Abrahams, an English Jew who runs to overcome prejudice. This film was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won four, including Best Picture. The film’s title was inspired by the line, “Bring me my chariot of fire,” from the William Blake poem (another reason I love this film – William Blake wrote my favorite poem which I will highlight in another blog).

Relative to this movie, the attached clip sums up the point I want to make. That point is simply that the power of pure passion can fuel our dreams. Whatever your true beliefs are – they are what provide the fuel (and passion) to achieve your goals. Whether this be building your own company, making 200% of your annual quota, getting that promotion, building team loyalty and consensus, writing a book, raising fabulous children, thriving in your marriage, serving starving orphans and widows in Africa – whatever it is: passion is the ongoing B12 shot we need to achieve those dreams.

This clip inspires me to this day – watch (or just listen – the music alone can give you a jolt!). The joy in these men’s faces tell the story.

Have a great weekend – and embrace your biggest and grandest dreams!