ABCD’s of Organization

Recently, in the Dallas Morning News, I read a unique article on getting a handle on clutter and organization.  It caught my eye because it was all about those people that hoard – in which I continue to be amazed, repulsed, and intrigued.  What drives people to hoard and have closets made out of spare rooms who have stuff pile literally to the ceiling?

The ABCD article (, however, had relevant tips for any of us that struggle keeping our business, personal, charitable, and standard household files in order. The consultant advised sorting your items into 4 categories:

A – Frequently used (toothbrush, deoderant, check book, current client files, etc.)

B – Less Frequently used (blenders, strange culinary tools, old client files)

C – Seasonal (Holiday wrapping, decorations, tax returns)

D – Rarely used (Photo albums, sentimental journals, etc.)

By dividing items into these segments, then you can restructure the way you order your office, kitchen, storage areas, etc. I have never been a clutter person, to which anyone who knows me will attest; however, as I am building my business, managing large charity events, etc. many lines get crossed, and it can often be a tough call as to ‘where to put things’.

One of the cardinal rules they emphasized was: ‘NO more putting it here for now.’ Think about the ABCD approach and put things according to how often you use them! Novel!