Inch by Inch

Many of my clients are ending their third quarter and embarking on Q4 or, at a minimum, coming into the second half of their fiscal year. Many are struggling to make their sales quota numbers, shore up their teams, secure the funding and resources needed, or simply unify their organizations to work more collaboratively together. They have told me that in addition to the leadership coaching and strategic consulting I am offering them, they need creative ways to boost their teams to ‘not give up.’

I ran across the fabulous Al Pacino locker room pep talk, which may be one of the best examples of  verbally ‘kicking #!*#!’ while inspiring the troops that I have seen in a sports movie. Take a look – I will be surprised if it won’t provide you with at least a strong analogy to share with your troops to get them jazzed for this home stretch of your fiscal year.

Let us know! Please share your success stories with us! Have a great weekend!