Bad bosses – what can we learn?

Ok, let’s face it, everyone has probably had the experience of working for a bad boss. I know I have. Frankly, it was late in my career when this experience happened, and it shaped how grateful I was for all the great bosses I had had previously. Those two years were the hardest in my career; and it was also probably the period in which I learned the most about myself, and about ‘what and how I didn’t want to be when I grew up.’  How we embrace those experiences shapes us. We have the choice to learn from these challenges or become victims, resentful, and even bitter.

This past Sunday’s “Corner Office” interview with Dawn Lepore, chairwoman and chief executive of was one of my favorite interviews Adam Bryant has done. Dawn was a power house at Ebay and Schwab before taking on her current CEO job. Her insights on ‘bad bosses’ was very interesting and worth the read. In addition, she touches on  how to build credibility in the office, the power of intuition, and how to interview for quality employees for your team.

Take a look – I welcome your thoughts.