Believe in yourself – it is never to late

Recently I was visiting with an old friend, who was voicing concerns that perhaps her life had passed her by. She had been married and divorced. Her career had been placed on the back burner to raise her children – who were now grown and living their own lives. She questioned herself. She had doubts as to her relevance in today’s market. She was concerned her skills were outdated. These fears had all but paralyzed her.

If we are truly honest with ourselves, each of us have felt insecurities such as these. We build stories in our minds which make us questions ourselves  – and the most dangerous of results can occur: we lose the belief in ourselves.

This video, though a few years old, still inspires me. Paul Potts, a cellular phone sales rep in South Wales, had always dreamed of singing opera. Paul had the courage to audition for Britain’s Got Talent – and the rest is history. Since Paul, of course Susan Boyles and many others have taken the daring plunge, swallowed their fears, and followed their dreams.

What is holding us back? It is never too late to pursue our dream – never. We must believe in ourselves and our abilities to uniquely contribute to the world. On this Friday, I hope this video will inspire you to stretch tall. It still brings tears to my eyes….. Happy Friday!