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Intoxication of the Most Dangerous Kind

Recently, a colleague of mine and I were discussing a phenomenon that has been coming up quite often in my recent client sessions and other personal discussion. Individuals, with tremendous experience and successful careers up until now, have become inhibited, and in some cases paralyzed, by their perception of others. Their reasons are illogical when we take the time to truly digest and dissect them; however they are very real and indeed quite powerful at the time.

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“I’ll Have what she’s having…”

Okay folks, let’s be honest. We have all compared ourselves to others at one point or another. The reason the phrase “I’ll have what she’s having” (from that fabulous movie ‘When Harry Meets Sally’) resonates with so many…is that it is not ONLY about what Meg Ryan was acting out!! We compare and contrast ourselves with others around lots of things. We often do this to gauge how we are doing based on what we see others doing.

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