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David Packard’s 11 Simple Rules

Recently, I was purging through 30 years of old files, and ran across my ‘special file’ where I kept those unique articles, emails, letters, and notes which were ‘too good’ to throw away. I found an email from 1998 which summarized Dave Packard’s 11 simple rules on how to deal with each other on a daily basis. He believed if we followed these simple rules, we would all emerge as winners – this blog offers a shortened version of the email.

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Succession Planning – a lost art?

For years I have watched with equal doses of horror and awe while many of the world’s most respected and successful companies continue to make interesting choices for the head job of CEO.  Specifically, today, I am referring to Hewlett-Packard, and their most recent choice to appoint another outsider to lead the company. This is […]

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