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Intoxication of the Most Dangerous Kind

Recently, a colleague of mine and I were discussing a phenomenon that has been coming up quite often in my recent client sessions and other personal discussion. Individuals, with tremendous experience and successful careers up until now, have become inhibited, and in some cases paralyzed, by their perception of others. Their reasons are illogical when we take the time to truly digest and dissect them; however they are very real and indeed quite powerful at the time.

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Funerals and Doing the Right Thing

A few years ago I offered a similar article, and due to multiple client requests, I am reposting it. In this day and age, we are constantly being tested and challenged with every decision and judgment call. Doing the right thing is often the first casualty. When do we “go to the funeral,” even though the person we are honoring will never even know we are there?

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