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Nice Trumps Smart

Have you ever been dressed down by someone seemingly smarter than you just so that person could make a point? Have you ever been called out – or even worse – dismissed because you were behind the learning curve on a particular issue? Have you ever been interrupted or talked over, implying that your opinion or perspective was not worthy of even being heard? I have; and it is the worst feeling in the world.

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Wanna Meet for Coffee?

Recently, a client and friend of mine shared something she read online. It reflected a topic she and I had discussed numerous times, revolving around the increasingly prevalent requests by anyone and everyone to “meet for coffee.” Sometimes I may know the person; most often I don’t. Yet, I have found it amazing and am often incredulous how these conversations actually take place, especially for a “first impression” meeting.

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Funerals and Doing the Right Thing

A few years ago I offered a similar article, and due to multiple client requests, I am reposting it. In this day and age, we are constantly being tested and challenged with every decision and judgment call. Doing the right thing is often the first casualty. When do we “go to the funeral,” even though the person we are honoring will never even know we are there?

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