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Everybody’s Got Something – 3 Tips to Get Over Yourself

Recently I was at a dinner which turned into a one-up discussion on steroids. We have all been at one of these gatherings where folks are comparing and competing for the best “fish story” of the evening. What was amazing to me was this: they were not trumping each other with positive achievements or the “outdoing of the Joneses” – they were trolling on about their lamentations, ills, and 12-miles-in-the-snow-with-no-shoes stories. What is up with this trend?

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4 Lessons from an Octogenarian

I am quite certain there are many more than just 4 lessons we can all learn from those who have lived over 80 years. Recently, my mother had to undergo a hip replacement, and though she has not sailed through the experience, she continues to teach through her actions how to embrace and meet challenges head on. These 4 lessons are applicable to each of us – every day – with the routine challenges in life

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