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Alignment – My Definition and How to “Get There”

Twenty years ago, I founded my company Alignment, Inc. because I was (am) so passionate about this philosophy. And I was not alone. Not long after I founded this company and began to write about Alignment, Oprah also echoed this approach: “The secret is alignment: when you know for sure that you’re on course, and doing […]

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31 Observations to Consider

Recently, I’ve read several articles where the author has shared their perspectives on life and business. They were thought-provoking. Coupled with those articles, many of my clients and followers have asked me: ‘what have you learned, given all the challenges during the pandemic, etc., in the past 24 months? Hmmm….we’ve all been tested and stretched, […]

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‘All Hat and No Cattle’….does that really matter?!

The answer is – YES – it matters. In spades. I have grown weary (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) of inflated humble brags….and empty suits posturing.  As we say in Texas….where’s the meat? However, it’s not lost on me that sometimes we have to capture someone’s attention, before they are truly exposed […]

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