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The Power of One…..

Over this past month, I have been exposed to many individuals who have defied the odds of creating, building, and accomplishing their dreams. It has been inspiring to watch each of them succeed. I wanted to highlight four such individuals and collections of individuals to not only spread their word and give them heightened visibility; but, at the end of this article, I hope to shine a light on a few ‘lessons’ I gleaned, from their experiences.

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The Giant B12

Recently, my home state of Arkansas was hit by a very strong snow storm (12 inches in my hometown of Hot Springs). Many were without power for days. Travelers were stranded. These situations can bring out the best and the worst of humanity. Many good Samaritans emerged, and sadly many opportunities for kindness and generosity were missed. Does this reality present itself in our workplaces, too? Does it matter?

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Sharing generously – the secret to wealth?

Last week, I read a parable which I found intoxicatingly wise. It has to do with giving generously and with no expectation. This particularly struck me, as recently a colleague was hoarding information which could have helped us all reach a collective goal; yet, this person would not share this information with anyone. I could ponder […]

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