Alignment at Work™ Programs are Launched

After interviewing several dozen executives, and garnering information of what is needed (and desired) from various perspectives, my new offerings have come to fruition. And, I am eager to share with you the culmination of this effort!

As a cornerstone, my business, Alignment™ focuses on just that: Alignment. Alignment within the individual leader, alignment of teams, alignment of cross-functional teams, and ultimately alignment of the overall organization. This is a leadership concept fine-tuned over the past 16+ years, through my own autobiographical experience, as well as thousands of client interactions, client needs, and client requests.

Now, this overarching concept, which has been trademarked, custom-developed, refined, and applied to individual and business clients over the years, now has a foundational framework. My offerings will always have a custom approach, as I believe as much as we are ‘alike’ we are also ‘unique’. However, my new programs – collectively trademarked as Alignment at Work™ – will be anchored with proven methodologies for ongoing replication and scalability.

The FIRST of these programs has launched and with incredible market excitement!! The first program is geared around individual leadership and alignment. We focus on tapping into the individual’s unique strengths and talents and aligning these to his/her career. The first course “Fast Track to Alignment – Inner Alignment to Outer Strength” is a 12 week program, click on this link to see a high level overview of the program offering.

And if you would like to set up a call to discuss how this program (and the other programs) may benefit you and/or your team – reach out to me here! Would love it!!