4 Tips to Reframe your Career (or your Biz)

Ok, so here we are starting a new year….after what was arguably one of the most challenging years of our generation.

Sure…some had record breaking revenues and income in 2020….and others had a pretty tough year, in more ways than just financial. In 2021, we have the opportunity to ‘turn the page’, and write an entirely new chapter this year – as we continue to thrive in this decade.

It can be a bit daunting – as ‘life as we knew it’ is still not life as we knew it!!

Yet, that can be just the new ‘white space’ platform to re-launch and re-frame our careers, our lives, and our businesses. I truly do believe that.

And, lest I remind you: you are not alone; as I am  – as they say – ‘drinking my own punch’. We are all facing new horizons and opportunities.

So, I want to share four basic tips I am personally implementing, as I continue to reframe, relaunch, and EXPAND my business. Here they are:

  1. Lean into what you LOVE to do AND what you are GOOD at doing.  If there is one thing I have learned in my Corporate career…..when we are good at something AND we also love it – we most definitely are in our element. AND….when that ‘something ‘is tied to something greater than ourselves…then we are ALIGNED….and that is the magic potion. Every single successful person (and I mean successful by many definitions….happiness, fulfillment, financial, life-long learning, contribution to a greater good, etc.) with whom I have worked was indeed ALIGNED. The ones that were not aligned…burned out, fizzled out, lost the plot, etc. Oh – and if you want to discuss this in more detail – reach out to me. This is a passion to me…..and ALIGNMENT is unquestionably the secret sauce.

2.  Once you have figured that out….then you want to offer that CONSISTENTLY. This does not have to be in your own business….this can be in a Corporate job, in a non-profit arena, in education….the list is endless.    What we offer and provide consistently is what we become KNOWN FOR….and that (to use the terms to today) becomes our BRAND. Over the years, I have done hundreds of trainings on ‘branding’ and the one                aspect which seems to surprise folks is that you don’t have to be the smartest, grandest, or the most notable to become the most well-known for what you do. It is 100% about providing CONSISTENT VALUE to                the people you want to serve. When you do this…..then you are the name that ‘comes to mind’ when someone NEEDS what you have to OFFER. It truly is as simple as that.

3.  Set goals and break them into bite size steps to take…then execute over and over and over. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of setting way too ambitious goals and then getting discouraged when I miss the mark. Yet, what I have learned (especially in 2020) is that if we will consistently (yes, there’s that word again), take at least 2 steps EVERY SINGLE DAY to move toward our ‘BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL’ – then we are moving forward…and that is the name of the game. Now, not all ‘steps’ are created equal. I divide these ‘steps’ into two camps. First, one of these small steps could be writing a blog, posting a case study, recording a FB Live, or even sending out a few emails to check in on prior customers…..these are about marketing your message and staying ‘top of mind’ in your field. The second step is frankly more important….and that is a step in the ‘income producing activities’ (IPA) camp. What I know for sure…no one will ever be successful just posting on social media or recording FB lives…no, we have to keep it real and relevant. We need to reach out to people, find out what their problems are AND if we have a solution – then offer to solve it…and SOLVE IT. That is the way businesses are built: we solve problems in an effective, valuable, and cost-efficient way.  So, setting goals to share what we do, how we do it, and then most importantly helping others solve their problems…..is the way to move forward in our careers and businesses.

4. Finally, know your worth.  The best way to amplify this, is to share a story. Recently I was in a conversation that was in a word: insulting. Someone was attempting to minimize the time, effort, experience, and VALUE that another person was offering. Here is the story – paraphrased yet you’ll get the point:

  • Customer asked this person to perform a service (it could be ANYTHING) – in this case it was repairing the gutters at her house.
  • Proposal was $2500 for the job.
  • Customer said – no way – too high.
  • Person replied – well – you are welcome to do this yourself.
  • Customer said – well – I don’t know HOW to do this.
  • Person replied – well – I can teach you.
  • Customer said – GREAT!! Let’s GO!
  • Person replied – ok – you need to get this list of parts, and you will need to take off next week so we can get started.
  • Customer said – no – I only can do on the weekend.
  • Person replied – well…you need to work when I work -if you want to learn from me. And in order for us to get started you need to be ready – with all the materials.
NET: Customer realizes….wow there is more to this than meets the eye. $2500 for this job is reasonable – I had not thought of all the effort that goes into this job.
TAKEAWAY: When we CONTRACT to do business with someone (contractor, hair service, accounting, etc.) it is NOT just the job…..it is NOT just the hours.
It is ENTIRE PACKAGE….training, experience, materials, licenses, time, integrity, timeliness, ‘doing what they say they are going to do’, attention to detail, etc. etc.
And for those of us in business and entrepreneurs….
We need to KNOW what we are worth – and stand tall when you offer your service. Period. And know when to walk away.
So, those are 4 tips to help ‘reframe’ where you may see yourself….and how to make 2021 an amazing REBOOT of your career and/or your business. It would be my privilege to support you in any way I can – as we all aspire to not only reach our goals…yet exceed our WILDEST aspirations…..and I KNOW without any question that we can.