What is the plot?

So, in the spirit of full transparency, the year 2020 has started off a bit rocky. Universally, we all lost Kobe Bryant and 8 other souls in that tragic, senseless accident. And personally, I lost a dear friend and colleague of over 35 years – suddenly, prematurely, and without warning.  He was my ‘right hand’ in a very formative part of my career….and I learned and grew tremendously through our mutual experiences. So, frankly, the past 5 days have been full of tears, grief, and a gnawing sense of urgency to ‘get on with it’….whatever ‘it’ is.

My support system has been uber important to me over the years….especially when situations like this have the potential of creating fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Am I on the ‘right path’? What is the ‘plot’ of my business….my career…..my life? This recent period was no different.

After a few heart-felt, heart-revealing, and heart-wrenching discussions with a few wise mentors and coaches…..I touched my ‘true north’ again. I have clarity and a ‘peace that passes all understanding’. I am ready to ROCK 2020…..yet, I did not come to this clear realization alone. It unquestionably takes a posse of people to help us….and a Faith that we can indeed do this.

I have two coaches, in particular, that are helping me. They have kept me FOCUSED, CLEAR, and ALIGNED to what my self-declared intention is for my businesses, my books, and my life for the year 2020 and beyond. Wow – it is amazing how people can hold that proverbially mirror up….and help us SEE what we cannot SEE on our own. 

And what I have learned is that when we have clarity….we can have focus. When we are aligned….we can have clear intentions for all aspects of our business (and life). AND when we are clear, focused, and aligned…..we attract folks who are the same! VOILA! Relationships are built. Alliances are grounded. Businesses explode….in a good way.

So, as we continue to navigate, grow, and embrace 2020 and beyond…..what I know for sure is that we NEED that sense of clarity, focus, and alignment. AND we need a support system, a coach (or coaches) to help us steer through the fog.  It is NOT a sign of weakness…..it is a sign of COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, and STRENGTH to ask for insights, observations, and support.  From my viewpoint….not seeking that posse of supportive experts in their fields, just delays and/or retards our learning, our growth, and our manifestation of THE life we want.

If the untimely deaths of those we love the most, does not do anything but encourage a sense of urgency….then take that as a universal lesson. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Yet, we have RIGHT NOW. What are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Take the reins….that is one seminal take away from this week: we own it…right now, today. After all – that is all we have.

With best intentions,


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