What I have not told you…..until now

We are nearing the end of 2019 and about to embark on a new year and a new DECADE! Are you where you want to be or are you where you were this time last year?

About 15 years ago, I embarked on what I called a ‘portfolio entrepreneurial’ lifestyle. I have LOVED every minute of it. Most of you know about one of my businesses….my leadership consulting and coaching business, and of my trilogy of books, “Is This Seat Taken?”.…yet frankly, I have not be very forthcoming about one of my other businesses….and I wanted to share why – as I want to be fully ALIGNED (to use my term):

Click below to hear my story…..

AND – two more gifts for you this holiday season:

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With best intentions for a fabulous 2020!

Kristin (and Lulu, our loyal mascot)