The Rear view Mirror – Two Tips to Stay Disciplined

Recently, I was working with one of my amazing team members in one of my businesses. She was voicing frustration at the length of time it was taking to achieve her goals and reach her ultimate destination. I get it….don’t you? We know in our minds that anything worth pursuing does not happen overnight. It takes lots of sweat equity….the larger the goal, the harder the work. It is just that simple.

Yet, many times, because it takes SO LONG to see the results we ultimately want….we give up. We quit. We take a detour. Let’s face it….it is HARD to stay disciplined when we don’t see the results we want to see when we want to see them.

These goals could be anything. This could be the goal to lose those last 20 lbs. This could be to get the promotion we want in our career. This could be to achieve the financial savings we want by a certain age. This could be to run the marathon. This could be to finish the book. Yes…..every single one of those are on my list for 2018….every single one of them!! 🙂  And yes……it is hard to stay disciplined and resilient when the goal feels impossible to reach.

Yet, there are a few actions which I believe can help us stay focused.

Step 1: What happens when we take a peek in our rear view mirror?  Yes….that’s right…..we see just how far we have come! That can be incredibly energizing. Looking back and assessing where we were….can either be a catalyst OR a paralyzer. If we have made progress…..and we have dropped a dress size or can now run 5 miles… can spur us on to continue pursuing our ultimate goal. And, correspondedly, if we have not made any progress…we can get stuck in how hard it is…and revert back to our bad habits.

So, here is Step #2: we need to shift our mindset, saddle up and get back on the metaphorical horse, and keep riding to the finish line. The goals we set are our choice. If we set a goal….we want it….otherwise why would we have set it in the first place? Thus, when it gets tough, that does not mean the goal is not still relevant or that we don’t want it anymore. We can’t lie to ourselves and rationalize the original goal away. The goal has not changed. Thus, WE have to change our mindset to keep us focused, disciplined, and committed to the end game. Mindset trumps skill set every single time. Is it easy? No. Yet, it always comes down to how badly we want it.

So, as we start this new month…..what would happen if …..

  • We were to revisit our goals….
  • We were to write them down – WRITE THEM DOWN
  • We were to look back at where we were when we first embarked on that goal.
  • We were to assess what is working and what is not working.
  • We were to adjust the approach, if necessary….
  • THEN most importantly….Dust ourselves off, Saddle-Up, and Begin again.

I, for one, am bound and determined to ‘reach my destinations’. And, one way I am going to try to stay energized and RESILIENT is to take stock in where I was, where I am, what direction I am heading……and keep moving FORWARD.

Are you with me? What thoughts do you have? Weigh in….lets do this!!