Is It Too Late?!!

As we all know, life is a series of ups and downs. Many of  my clients and associates have lamented to me that they think it is ‘too late’ to create the life they always wanted. They believe they are ‘late’ to get married or ‘late’ to an opportunity or ‘late’ to accumulate the wealth they believe they need. Well, I believe there is an argument that it is NEVER too late and in fact wrote a book about this and reference fifteen diverse souls who created amazing lives LATE in life! Yet – let’s face it – many are indeed facing challenges they never expected.

In my work with Alignment, Inc. I meet, coach, and consult with people from all walks of life – from multi (multi) millionaires to struggling single mothers to middle-age disenchanted professionals who are facing being ‘let go’ due to their age. Because of this exposure to diversity of all types, I have learned a great deal about choices of careers, resiliency, and even the concept of a ‘portfolio career’.  There are so many young people having a very hard time finding jobs and many executives I coach are miserable in the corporate world – and worse yet they have been ‘riffed’ before they have enough money to retire in the manner in which they would like. Thus, many individuals are facing financial hardships they never dreamed they would. What can we do …..and is it actually too late? I have a few thoughts on this, particularly relative to career choices.

1. There is merit to the concept of a portfolio career. In a nutshell, a portfolio career is the pursuit of more than one income stream – simultaneously – applying the skills you have developed throughout your life. This could be teaching at a local college, freelance writing and consulting. This could be practicing medicine, speaking on health and wellness, and offering exercise classes on the weekends. Or you could take your entrepreneurial business ambition and apply it to a rapidly growing direct sales venture. Like investing in the stock market, a portfolio career has tremendous growth and mind boggling revenue potential and it can be FUN. In my latest life chapter, I am absolutely taking my corporate experience AND my entrepreneurial desires and applying them to create multiple revenue streams which are tremendously profitable. I am writing my books – which has been a blast and has given root to my creative desires. I am using my business experience to coach and consult on a global scale which keeps me relevant and up to speed on the corporate and non profit arenas. And most recently (and probably the most exciting) is the tremendous business I am building as a partner with the creators of Proactiv and becoming a distributor of skin care on a global scale.

2. Scrap the stigma of direct sales. Like many, when I first heard the words ‘direct sales’ this conjured up the image of friends hawking to other friends. Garages full of inventory of product they could not sell. And just the old adage of the “Fuller Brush Man” or the “Avon Lady”. Well….fast forward about 50 years and what you have is the most rapidly growing RELEVANT industry segment of our generation. What made the difference? In two words: DIGITAL COMMERCE.  The direct sales business model is quite simply brilliant and has been made even more so due to social media, internet technology and the need for men and women to have more flexibility with their lives, children, and families. A strong direct sales company will allow us to leverage the power of big brands (think Proactiv), with no commute, no overhead, no employees and no ‘brick and mortar storefront’. You can create your own work hours – around your life and other businesses AND you can work part time or full time…ANY time. In fact, in a recent issue of Entrepreneur magazine the at home business market is exploding. Ninety five percent (95%) of home-based businesses succeed in their first year. Given the direct sales business is a whopping $30 BILLION dollar industry and growing exponentially every year….there is most certainly ‘something to this‘. As a shrewd business woman  – and one who was extremely skeptical initially – I can say passionately and unabashedly that this business model allows anyone with ambition to build amazing residual income in the ‘nooks and crannies’ of the busiest schedules – I am living proof! 

3. Time is of the essence – in life and in business. Any successful business person will tell you that a sense of urgency is a critical success factor for success of any type. If we are worried about it ‘being too late’ then one thing is for sure…..time slows down for no one. There has NEVER been a better time to explore alternative ways to build incremental income. In my direct sales business, I am creating a mind blowing residual income stream and most importantly to me – I am helping others do the same. Given we have just launched into Canada and are going global next year – the possibilities are tremendous. I would love to introduce this concept to men, women, college-age or middle-age – it truly does NOT matter. If you or anyone you know feels they are being underpaid, are afraid of being ‘downsized’, would love to create an ‘exit strategy’ from corporate America, or simply would love a little extra income without becoming ‘married’ to a job…..I would LOVE to talk to them. To learn more about my direct sales business and my amazing business partners – watch this short video…..then reach out to me. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There is nothing more liberating or exciting than creating the life you want….which to me means financial freedom, time freedom, and Divine purpose. AND I get to continue with my Alignment, Inc. business, my speaking, and my writing…..nothing like that flexibility to make my heart sing!! And if you need to read about other folks that have done this very thing…..get this book and read Chapter 7… will never look at your life the same way. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait until you read about someone else who took the plunge and 4-5 years later were experiencing a 7 figure RESIDUAL income stream….this could be YOU.