Life – Be In It!

A colleague of mine, Susan Marshall, has a new book coming out entitled Life, Be In It! later this month. As we embark upon the Thanksgiving Holiday this week, her title “LIFE – BE IN IT” calls us to embrace and be grateful for our lives.

This year has been challenging for many of us in ways we never expected…. from Hurricane Sandy to persistent economic pressures, it can be difficult to experience life with a grateful heart.  In her writing, Susan encourages us to take a clear-eyed look at life, find the opportunities it holds, and position ourselves to pursue our dreams.  This collection of her writing, dating back to newspaper articles from 1984, captures the challenges of our times and offers timeless inspiration. In Susan’s book  you will find lessons, reminders, and the occasional poke in the ribs we all need to maintain a healthy sense of perspective.

I wish each of you reading this blog, a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday spent with those you love. Despite the hurdles 2011 and 2012 brought us, I share Ralph Waldo Emerson’s sentiment when he shared:

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” 

Blessings to each of you during this holiday week and throughout the end of the year!