Rise Up!

Recently, I came across a resource I am so bullish on, I am actually
using one of my daily blogs to post this reference. Patty Azzarello and
I met only once many years ago; yet we have many mutual mentors and
friends in the industry. She has recently published a book entitled, RISE,  which I believe is an excellent addition to anyone’s library who is an ambitious, dedicated, and ‘eager-to-learn’ leader.

Normally, I would not use one of my daily blogs to publicize a book;
as I post my resource recommendations quarterly on my website in
the Alignment Library. However, this book has such rich information it
is worthy to be singled out.

Patty provides actionable insight on a more efficient and effective
way to succeed in your career, raise your credibility and build a
bulletproof network. Her insights are very simple and extremely
effective to achieve a breakthrough in your career. There are many
nuggets of good information, so it is hard to call only a few out for
this short blog. However, Patty organizes her philosophy into 3
categories: Do Better, Look Better, and Connect Better.  In each of
those sections, there are countless ‘bits’ to apply depending on where
you find yourself at any given time.

Not everyone will love this book, as many may feel they are ‘beyond’
the quest for success as defined by corporate America. However, there
are equally as many who are still in search of being promoted, getting
the illusive raise and stock option bonus, and grasping the gold ring.
If you are one of those individuals, this book will serve you well.