There is a time and a place for emotion. I have had clients of late share their experiences where emotions, either their own or their partners, colleagues or suppliers, have clouded their judgment and their ability to conduct business in the most effective way.

A few thoughts on this:

Sure, we are human beings and we all have emotions. I have never bought into the idea that ‘business is just business.’ I believe every professional endeavor has emotion wrapped up in it, after all, we are people. I am a strong proponent of passion, compassion and empathy being integral to our professional relations. As I have been known to say, this is ‘Ecclesiastes in Action’ – there is a ‘time and a place for everything.’ The operative words are time and place.

In addition, as hard as it may be to our own egos, insecurities, internal challenges and ambitions, we have to always put our clients first. This means supporting their efforts even if they may be perceived as challenging to our own opinions and perspectives. News flash – it is really not about us. It needs to always be about them. Our clients and their successes are the end game. Their success will be our success.

Treating them the way we would want to be treated, if we were facing what they are facing, is a critical factor in building strong, sustainable and successful business relationships.

Emotions have a place in the workplace; and from my perspective, the key question to ask when feeling emotion or wanting to express emotion is this – “Who is this going to serve?” If the answer is you, then rethink how you let that emotion manifest through your actions.