Are you Stuck?

Ever felt stuck? It’s not a fun place to be and can inhibit creativity and productivity. When we find ourselves ‘stuck in a rut,’ what are a few things we can consider to break the log jam?

  • Try changing the way we interpret the sensations which come with feeling ‘stuck.’ Many of my clients have heard me refer to this as ‘changing the frame.’  Consider a new challenge, which may come with fear, uncertainty, and insecurity; as an adventure.  Adventures bring excitement and adrenaline. This can be channeled into energy for a new journey.
  • Consider a sense of ‘being lost’ as an opportunity to learn, grow, explore, and play. When we shift the perspective to fun, the pressure is somewhat relieved. When we play, our defenses relax and we become more open to possibilities.
  • Lean into the experience. Most of the time, we have little to lose and everything to gain by encouraging ourselves to move forward – despite how seemingly scary, risky, and unsure the outcome may be. Forward momentum is just that – moving forward. Often, when we are trying to get ‘unstuck,’ just taking one step forward is the enabler we need to get moving.

Finally, remember that most of us have felt stuck before; and, we typically don’t stay there forever!  We do get ‘unstuck.’ So, relax. Take some pressure off yourself, which only compounds the problem. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to look at what is truly holding you back. Make friends with that point of resistance. That new friend of self-discovery can often be the catalyst to move you out of the mud and back into the fast lane!