The List

Most of my clients have lists. These may be lists for their day, their week, and their month. These lists are their ‘to do’s’ which they have identified in order to reach their goals. Some made lists for the new year, which they called resolutions. Others have created a bucket list of all the things they want to accomplish before they die. Still others have written lists of places to visit before they die or must read books and movies.

It goes without saying that having our goals, strategies, and tactics identified and written down helps to provide the road map to our destination. And, for many, being able to ‘check them off’ as we accomplish them is liberating and provides the B12 shot to keep on plugging.

My question is this … when we think about our lists, are these our lists; or are these lists which support someone else’s plans for us?

There was a wonderful quote from a favorite movie of mine, Out of Africa, which I paraphrase: “My biggest fear is that I would get to the end of my life and realize I had lived someone else’s dream.”

How many of us find ourselves diligently plodding along, checking off our steps, without having it truly tied to our end destination?

For many years, I had a list which was tied to what I needed to do to accomplish what was expected and required of me. Make annual quota – check. Lose 15 lbs –  check, check. All this is good – as long it supports what I ultimately want.

So, today, as you look at your ‘to do’ list, consider – is this tied to what I really want this year? Have I included a regime to support my health and balance in my life? Have I included a step (or more) to support my transition to what I really want to do with my life and career? Have I included at least one thing which supports my ultimate dream for my life?

Lists provide our ongoing road map for our lives. Where do you want to go?