The 3 Things

Loved this week’s New York Times Corner Office interview with Shivan Subramaniam, the CEO of FM Global, a commercial and industrial property insurer.

Again, the simplicity of the wisdom is brilliant. Over the years, he and his company have crafted very simple goals for their company. They call them “key result areas” or K.R.A.’s. As he is quoted: “We’re multinational — we’ve got 5,100 people, 1,800 of whom are engineers. We’re very analytical. But we have three K.R.A.’s, nothing terribly fancy. And everybody focuses on them. One is on profitability. One is on retention of existing clients. And one is on attracting new clients. That’s it.”

Wow. What if each of us ONLY focused on profitability, retention of existing clients, AND attracting new clients. What do you think – would our businesses thrive and expand?

Of course. The ‘what to do’ is the easy part.

Now, let’s focus and figure out  the ‘how to accomplish’ these simple 3 things for our respective fields.