Feeling low?

Recently, I have had several conversations with individual who are feeling a bit low. The reasons vary. Some are looking for new positions, others are simply unhappy in their current environment, and still others are simply suffering from mild depression brought on by years of dissatisfaction in their current state.  What can we do to help lift our spirits when we face periods when we are simply feeling a bit down? Three suggestions:

  1. Seek help. This may be in the form of an executive coach, a therapist, or even other forms of counseling. We are not in this alone. Reach out for help and let go of any imagined stigma.
  2. Give help. Nothing lifts my spirits quicker than to lend a hand to someone in need. Volunteer with a non-profit group, help an elderly neighbor, or send an unexpected note to a long lost friend. By shifting the focus off ourselves and onto another, something magical happens. Try it!
  3. Finally, remember, there is always – always – something for which to be thankful. My executive coach gave me a gratitude journal many years ago which has become a ritual for me each night. I write down at least one thing (typically there are many more) for which I grateful. This simple practice manifests a positive perspective within me before I go to sleep.

Have a great weekend – and remember, we cannot control when bad things happen to us; yet, we can control how we move through them.