Growth in the Learning Zone

Over the years, I have lead workshops where we encourage the participants to get out of their comfort zone and move into their learning zone. That place where we are not quite into the panic zone, yet, we are stretching and challenging ourselves to do something that clearly is not comfortable. This zone could be when we are trying to acquire angel funding for a venture backed initiative, taking on a huge promotion which increases our span of control beyond our experience level, or something as simple as speaking in front of a large audience.

From my perspective, this is where real growth happens. Doing what we know how to do and are comfortable doing does not challenge us. In fact, I wonder if it can actually retard our growth, as we can unknowingly become complacent.

So, my charge to myself  – and to you if you decide to accept it – is to push ourselves to do at least one uncomfortable thing a day. This may be as simple as new move in your morning Pilates class or as difficult as building the ROI for a new software product. If we embrace this approach – daily –  we will grow, stretch, and build our muscles  – and become stronger in our respective careers and lives.