Learning and Teaching

A client recently expressed exacerbation and impatience with a few of her employees that ‘simply didn’t get it.’ She was irritated; as she felt these individuals were slowing her down, holding her back, and taking up valuable time she could be using in more fruitful ways. I have two beliefs which may be applied to this scenario, among many others.

1. We are here to learn.


2. We are here to teach.

I believe every single situation provides a classroom in which we have the opportunity to learn and/or for us to teach.

The key question is what are we to be learning? Or, what are we to be teaching?

The second question is when are we to be learning versus when are we to be teaching?

The answer lies within each of us – if we pay attention. Like in all classrooms, only when we pay attention do we grasp the entire lesson plan.

That is the challenge for the day – pay attention. What (and when) are we to be learning and/or teaching?