Giving birth

Though I was not given the blessing of having my own children, I do have enough friends who have to have a reasonable understanding of the magnitude of giving birth. The expectation, the anticipation, the excitement, the fear, the pain, and ultimately the fulfillment. Giving birth is a multi-stage experience.

Living a full life – especially living a life in quest of alignment – shares the same stages.  Often we choose to short circuit these stages. We cave into fear. We choose to dull the pain in a myriad of ways – diversions, addictions or simply turning a blind eye. By doing so, we hinder the birth of our authentic selves.

My challenge for you today is to look the tiger in the eye. Embrace who you are – what you really want – and power through the fear, the unknown, and the possible pain. We are all put on the planet for different purposes and it is our opportunity to discover who we really are and what our unique contributions will be.

Just today – do one thing you always wanted to do, yet were afraid to give it a go. I would hate to think what the world may miss if each of us don’t reveal the ‘real me.’ Won’t  it be fun to see how it turns out?

” Man’s main task is to give birth to himself.” – Erich Fromm