Busy-ness, the ultimate distraction

When we are lost or hitting the wall in our lives and businesses, we often busy ourselves in a lame attempt to feel like we are accomplishing something. Have you ever noticed that? When things get slow – we busy ourselves. We push paper, we organize our files, we clean out drawers and closets, we shuffle and muffle – anything to avoid slowing down.

Perhaps this busy-ness is a way of cleaning out and ‘feng shui-ing’ our offices and lives. Perhaps it may also be a way of protecting ourselves from listening and heeding the little voices inside which may be offering other thoughts and perspectives on where we find ourselves, our work, and our businesses.

What would happen if we pressed the pause button and actually listened? What clarity could be revealed? What new revelation would present itself? New opportunities? New resources to support our lives and business? Stopping and being still – really still – if only for 15-20 minutes a day may turn on the light bulb which we have been too busy to see. Try it tomorrow morning when you first get up, and again day after tomorrow you may be amazed at what you see and hear.