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What Can We Learn from Entrepreneurs?

Several of my clients are what I would call true entrepreneurs. The characteristics are the same, regardless of the playground on which they are playing. There is a fabulous book which actually does a phenomenal job of capturing common behaviors, or “rules” as the author frames them, which offer the ripest ground for entrepreneurial success. This book will leave you inspired by three extremely successful entrepreneurial stories of Harvard Business School graduates, and their deviation from the standard path toward success.

I believe we can ALL learn from these perspectives, regardless of what our chosen career path may be.

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Virtues of the Self-Employed

As many know and experience in today’s economy, being self-employed is growing increasingly difficult. However, it is critical that we realize when it comes to the economy, the self-employed contribute a huge proportion. In fact, it is estimated that there are 23 million self-employed businesses in the United States, which represent 80% of the small […]

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