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7 Small Tweaks for BIG Impact in 2022

Too many of us are working really hard….running on that proverbial hamster wheel….trying to make a big difference, create something substantive, or just trying to make a huge amount of money. Equally, many are looking for that magic ‘something’ to catapult their business, their careers, and even their lives into the orbit they want. The […]

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New ONLINE Course – Coming Soon!!

For months now, my clients (and followers) have been requesting ‘online’ courses that will provide the insights, tips, and techniques I provide ‘in person’ in a virtual manner. I’m excited to announce THAT REQUEST is becoming a REALITY!! Thank you to those of you who gave your input on what subject/s were of MOST interest […]

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Now What?!!

I cannot begin to tell you how many of my clients – from age 35 to age 65 – are questioning what is next for their lives. Thus, this is the second blog in which we are focusing on the “now what?!” question. Many are unhappy in their current roles yet power through every day unsure of how/if to leave; others are in transition having already taken the plunge by leaving their cushy corporate jobs to reduce their stress (and unfortunately their income stream); some have been riffed due to age (and please don’t tell me that doesn’t happen – because I see it happening every single day); and still others realize they want to leave soon, yet have no clue what they can do and even what they want to do. Sound familiar?

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Do You Stand Out When Interviewing for a Job or Vying for a Promotion?

Many of you are currently interviewing for a new position/promotion within your existing company or in some cases other positions outside your current employer. You are likely a seasoned veteran who has not had to formally interview in quite some time. So – how can you get noticed and stand out when so many of the individuals you are up against are equally qualified?

This is an art – not a science – as we all know. Yet, there are a few easy tips to keep in mind…

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What Can We Learn from Entrepreneurs?

Several of my clients are what I would call true entrepreneurs. The characteristics are the same, regardless of the playground on which they are playing. There is a fabulous book which actually does a phenomenal job of capturing common behaviors, or “rules” as the author frames them, which offer the ripest ground for entrepreneurial success. This book will leave you inspired by three extremely successful entrepreneurial stories of Harvard Business School graduates, and their deviation from the standard path toward success.

I believe we can ALL learn from these perspectives, regardless of what our chosen career path may be.

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Now What?

Many of you are contemplating new positions in your current organizations, exiting from existing companies to other related fields, and even going out on your own to try your hand in an entrepreneurial stint. The reasons for your changes are vast. Regardless of the reason why you are embarking upon change, this question invariably comes up:

“Now, what do I really want to do?!”

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