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5 Easy Ways to Stand Out….and they will Surprise You!

Recently, I was watching one of the zillions of online interviews and webinars proliferating our world these days. I was amused at some of the points this self-made successful CEO was sharing. He was positioning them as if they were ‘rocket science’. Yet, actually, every single one of them I can personally point back to […]

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Your Brand

It seems like every time I turn around there is someone speaking or writing on how to develop, maintain, and foster a ‘personal brand’ in your career and life. In fact, I give talks on this myself – which have been enthusiastically received over the past few years. Yet, as with so many things, these discussions can become complicated, complex, and just “one more thing” to remember when we are already inundated 24/7 with voice mails, emails, deadlines, and other pressures at work and at home. So, how can we keep this concept simple and still relevant? A few tips as we start this new week:

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