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Are you listening to me?!

Have you ever been talking to someone and felt they were not really listening to you? Perhaps their eyes glaze over, they are constantly checking their Iphone or they are frantically writing something down so they will be prepared to ‘interject’ and interrupt with their own juicy bit of insight or knowledge. To say this is frustrating, and often insulting, is an understatement. As leaders, one of the most important yet least applied skills is the art of listening. What does that ‘art’ look like?

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Effective Empathizing

Recently, a client told me about a conversation where she felt she was being pacified by a preoccupied, passive listening. The listener, her colleague, was peppering the conversation with an occasional ‘uh huh’ and ‘well, do that’ or ‘sounds good’ to what she considered very important and sacred information. She could tell the listener was multi-tasking and not […]

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