Author: Kristin Kaufman

When I formed Alignment, Inc. almost 20 years ago…

When I formed Alignment, Inc. almost 20 years ago, the word (and concept) of ‘alignment’ were, for the most part, reserved for body shops and chiropractors! Yet, successful leaders and my senior leader/CEO friends LOVED the concept as they said THAT is what distinguishes successful leaders, organizations, cultures, and strategies. Of course, I could not […]

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How to ‘Hook ‘Em’…..Tips to Capture Someone’s Attention and CLOSE them….

As an entrepreneur, one has to master the art of capturing attention, holding it, and closing it. This is not always easy – especially in a crowded market. Today’s podcast focuses on 4 tips on how to do this effectively AND the key questions to ask and answer to make this happen! Short, succinct, and […]

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Canvas Rebel Highlights Kristin Kaufman and Her View on LEGACY

We were so honored and humbled to be featured in this month’s publication of Canvas Rebel. It was particularly providential given the topic was on a person’s legacy. Kristin is writing her fourth book revolving around personal and professional legacy. You may click on this link to take you to the article.

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